Downgrade & Seconds

We focus a lot of our time on scouring the country looking for great steel bargains that we can pass on to you.The stock that we commonly call downgrade is often in brilliant condition and has been downgraded for a range of reasons. It could be that the standard lengths are shorter or longer than normal, the wall thickness may be outside the Australian accepted tolerances being thicker or thinner than required.

We may even just pick up surplus stock that has been purchased as new but left outside to weather. Then there is the stock that has been bent and buckled or previously used, making it the ultimate re purpose material. So if you are looking to build a simple back yard home for the chickens or a somewhere to keep you car out of the weather you may just find what you are looking for in our downgrade and seconds piles at a fraction of the cost of new steel.

We never know just what will be arriving on the next semi load, so if you can use some downgrade or seconds please don’t hesitate to ask. The range is always changing. What we have in stock today will not necessarily be here tomorrow. So you’ll need to get in quick!

Downgrade and Seconds stock is sold “AS IS”. It is highly recommended that you site the steel prior to purchase to ensure suitability. No guarantees are made as to the steels condition/grade etc.

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